Fact Sheet for Disposable Medical Face Mask Exported to The United States

Product Specification: Disposable Medical Face Mask,
Medical Surgical Mask & KN95 Protective Mask

 Leader's speech

  Emulate those better than ourselves, and take off via innovation

In the prosperous era of economic globalization and China’s reform and opening up, Taienkang is rooted in the pharmaceutical market of Greater China region, implements the strategic policy of "introducing and going out", and vows to stand at the forefront of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. 

          Those who do not plan for the overall situation are not enough to plan for a domain, and those who do not plan for the long term are not enough to plan for a moment.

The growth of an enterprise is a gradual process. As the ancients once said, "Those who do not plan for the overall situation are not enough to plan for a domain, and those who do not plan for the long term are not enough to plan for a moment", and the layout determines the outcome. A successful layout is definitely inseparable from the correct grasp of the future situation. We believe that the development of China’s pharmaceutical industry is extremely rapid, and the market channels are diversified. It is the trend in the future to guide R & D and innovation by market demand, to put research results into production, to really apply research results to clinical treatment through diversified sales channels, to ensure people’s health and generate direct economic benefits.

Since the establishment of Taienkang in 1999 till today, we have followed the development trend of China’s pharmaceutical industry, with comprehensive pharmaceutical companies as the development goal, based on our own actual situation, build a national marketing network, seize the opportunity, step into the pharmaceutical production industry, research and development fields, and gradually make the layout. At present, the company has six wholly-owned subsidiaries and two holding subsidiaries. The industry covers the production and R & D of internal preparations, external pharmaceutical preparations, medical consumables, Chinese herbal medicines, and pre-treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and marketing of domestic and foreign medical products and medical devices, e-commerce platform, pharmaceutical research and development center, and the layout of R&D, production and sales of Taienkang Pharmaceuticals has taken shape.

         Innovation helps take-off

Innovation is the wings for enterprises to take off. In the future, Taienkang will take innovation as the core development based on the early layout, and make intensive efforts. Whether it is in corporate governance, or in marketing, production, and research and development, we believe that only continuous innovation can promote enterprise development. To innovate marketing modes, develop diversified sales channels, and allow more good products to be supplied to the market; innovate production processes, enhance product core technologies, develop new products, and give products more market competitiveness; join hands with top scientists and review experts in the field of pharmaceutical research and development at home and abroad, based on the international first-class talent and technology platforms, and taking the road of global new drug innovation. We believe that innovative enterprises will lead the development direction of Chinese enterprises, advancing with the times, challenging the market, and seeking development is the only way for enterprises. In the future, Taienkang will develop healthier and faster in the pharmaceutical field, go to the world, and build an innovation sharing platform.

Taienkang’s business is the common business of all employees, partners and shareholders. Everyone is sailing in the same ship, and sharing the honor of achieving their dreams. We always adhere to the corporate philosophy of "Integrity, enterprising, sincerity", let us work together to create greater value, and make our customers, partners, employees, shareholders’ pursuit of the health business a reality.


Chairman of Taienkang Company 

Vice Chairman of Shantou Federation of Industry and Commerce 

Member of the Standing Committee of Longhu District People’s Congress of Shantou City  

Chairman of Shantou Weiqi  Association 

Honorary Chairman of Shantou Longhu District Charity Federation


Zheng Hanjie








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