Fact Sheet for Disposable Medical Face Mask Exported to The United States

Product Specification: Disposable Medical Face Mask,
Medical Surgical Mask & KN95 Protective Mask


Integrity-based, give bounties and benefit mankind

Taienkang keeps in mind the corporate responsibility of being grateful to the society by. Taking good faith as the foundation, thanking the outsiders for helping those in need, thanking everyone for their talents and partners, and being grateful for the opportunities brought by the global and Chinese economic development for the company.

Work together for health with sincerity

Taienkang has always been guided by the "Sincerity Culture" and worked hard with the society, partners, customers and employees to build a great cause for health. We have established a matrix social responsibility work organization system that focuses on co-management, and actively strives to care for the growth of employees, works with partners for win-win results, creates public welfare value for the society, brings healthy products to customers, and establishes excellent corporate social responsibility. 

"We adhere to the responsibility of employees, corporate responsibility and civic responsibility together, hoping to make the world full of sincerity and better health through dedication and assistance to society outside of business."

Honorary President of Shantou Longhu District Charity Federation  Zheng Hanjie


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